Thursday, December 7, 2017

The Perfect Exercise......does NOT exisist

I have recently been asked by a few people, "if I only have time for one or two exercises which one should I do?"  This is usually followed up by, "I bet its burpees right?!"



For example, if I want to put a nail in the wall I need a hammer  A hammer is most certainly the best tool to use to accomplish this task.

However, if I need to tighten a bolt into a socket, a hammer is useless.  It is even more useless than no tool at all!  A wrench or screw driver would be the ideal tool to accomplish the task.  On top of this, even if I have a wrench, if I over tighten the bolt I will start to strip the teeth.  So there is a maximal effective dose to use my wrench until it becomes detrimental to my task.

Exercises are tool to improve the body.  The wrong one is just as useless as the right one that is overused.  How big is your toolbox?

Stephen Cornely