Monday, July 17, 2017

Who am I & what is this blog?

I am Stephen J Cornely, kinesiologist, movement specialist, massage therapist, fitness enthusiast, nutritionist, and overall health aficionado.  My aim is teach people how to make a positive difference in their life through the use of movement, bodywork, and whole foods.  I have a passion for making people feel better both physically and mentally, move better, and consequently look better.  I provide the most comprehensive service to anyone seeking help and looking to make a positive change in their life.

First and foremost I consider myself a teacher.  Most adults were never taught what it means to be healthy, let alone live a healthy life style!  In today's education system it is rare that children have a structured physical fitness class to teach them about exercise and their body's anatomy & physiology.  It is even rarer for kids to have a nutrition class designed to teach them how their body processes food, what healthy food is, and where to get it.  Speaking from personal experience I was not offered any such class until college.  It is my belief that people's lack of education about their own body is driving many of the health issues that plague America today (obesity, metabolic syndrome, Type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer's, gastric intestinal problems, chronic pain, insomnia, etc.).

Secondly, I consider myself a life long student.  I believe in the power of knowledge over all else and I believe that it is ignorant to think one ever truely understands everything this world has to offer.  My free time is spent reading(journals, articles, blogs, books, etc.), listening to podcasts, watching videos and professional talks online, and practicing as many new things as I can in the realm of health & fitness.  I use my body as an experiment to try all the different health & fitness tools that seem to pop up daily.  I am not closed minded when it comes to fitness modalities, bodywork techniques, or dietary guidelines as they are all valuable tools to fill a tool box with in order to use in the appropriate setting with the appropriate client.  Therefore I am not a specialist in any specific field of fitness, massage, or nutrition but rather a generalist who will provide you the knowledge of what may work for you based off of my practical experience and expertise in the fields.

The goal of this blog is to try express my beliefs about the world of health and fitness to the masses (or really whoever follows my blog and other social media posts of mine).  I will do this by presenting different topics on a monthly basis about whatever happens to be on my mind at the time.  Hopefully I can educate my readers on what lifelong health & fitness is really about and help them enact it into their daily lives.  There are a lot of "experts" in this field that provide inadequate answers to people's struggles with their health or try to sell them some fad.  It is my promise to never try to get a client/reader/follower to buy a product that wouldn't benefit them personally in some way.  It is my goal to provide legitimate and scientifically backed answers to the many health & fitness questions that most of the population struggles with daily.

Stay active, stay healthy!
Steve Cornely