Thursday, January 17, 2019

Train Your Joints, Not Your Muscles!

Why it is logical & healthy for the average person to train their joints in their fullest range of motion instead of their muscles.

1.     Joints are the things that need to be able to move well in order to keep movement independence. 

2.     The only way joints receive/send information to and from the brain is through movement in all planes of motion.  Information is critical for them to function well.

3.     The only way joints receive nutrients to repair themselves is through movement.

4.     Traditional gym exercises tend to be linear or focus on specific muscles in 2 directions at a time (up/down, right/left, front/back).  This not how we move in everyday life.

5.     Muscles produce different actions depending on the orientation of your body in space and their orientation to neighboring joints.  For example, lifting your arm above your head while laying on your back is a lot different than lifting your arm over your head while standing.

6.     The joints are where movement occurs first.

7.     A natural result of aging is the loss of ability to produce force (strength).  This will occur at the end ranges of any given movement first.  Training the joint ensures that you’re training full ROM.

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*Please note: these are very generalized statements and there are exceptions to these*

-Stephen Cornely
IG: stephenjcornely
FB: Triad Wellness Philly


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