Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Clean your room!

Have you ever woke up one morning knowing that you had to clean your house/apartment /basement/garage etc?  That unexcited feeling we all get when we have chores to do, but don’t really want to.  However, we end up talking ourselves into it because we know its for the best.
  Its hard to get started but being the responsible and sensible adult that you are, you get off your butt and start moving.  You are a little choppy at first: not sure where the cleaning supplies are, what part of the house to clean first, where to store things you thought you had lost etc.  Then you start to get in the zone.  Things move like clockwork.  You know exactly what you’re doing and where you’re going.  It flows.  Time flies because you are focused on what you’re doing and how you’re doing it.  You want it to look nice, feel nice, and have the ability to operate properly…..after all its YOUR home! 
And then, just like that, you realize that you’re done.  You’re tired but you feel accomplished.   You realized how simple and painless it actually is.  You realized that you’re actually pretty good at it too!  Most importantly, the organization that you just created makes EVERY SINGLE PART of your life that much easier.  Things work easier, you know where you stored things, you can move around the space more efficiently and effectively.  And for the amount of work you actually had to do, you appreciate how worth it, cleaning was.  Finally, you think how silly it was that you were anxious and annoyed about doing it in the first place.

So why don’t you just treat your exercise routine the same way?

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